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We invest in companies backed by hard technologies, the kind that has strong market potential. We support "hard" entrepreneurs, building businesses from zero to one and grow them aggressively with global reach.

Sold to Tableau 2018

Our investment team has the deep technology backgrounds, domain expertise and entrepreneurial experience to strategically spot trends and new business applications for technologies.

Sold to Ooma 2017
Sold to CyberArk 2017


The world is flat: with the advance of technology, globalization is no longer a privilege of giant corporations, young startups can also leverage the power of globalization to cut down their costs and open up high-value sales opportunities at the very beginning of their businesses. We’ve helped our portfolio companies source low cost and quality vendors, find trustable channel partners and creating deeper relationships through joint ventures.  Our investments create ties with our portfolio companies as well as aligned interests so we are their best and most trustable partners in growing their businesses on their global journeys.

Sold to Shiseido 2017

More than an investor, we work side-by-side and step-by-step with our entrepreneurs to build up businesses around innovative science and technology.


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Acquired by Tableau
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Acquired by Ooma
Acquired by Shiseido
Acquired by CyberArk